Central/ South America

Central / South America

Central America and South America are home to the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. Many of the people follow organized religion but have no real relationship with Jesus. In the rural areas people still practice forms of black magic – doing blood sacrifices to the devil. In some areas of South America the indigenous Indians are animist—worshippers of the sun and moon. They believe that after death a human soul can join the good spirits if they were sufficiently good in their lifetime — but they believe it is far more likely that the soul will become an evil ghost. They take an hallucinogenic drug called “ayahuasca” that gives them visions. They practice many demonic superstitions and they do whatever the local shaman— witchdoctor - tells them to. His word is the final authority over life and death. By his word many children are accused of doing witchcraft and the families are ordered to kill them. But by the grace of God–Hope of the World has been able to:

1. Minister in local jails, hospitals, schools, battered women centers, and villages.

2. Financially support local ministries.

3. Support underprivileged children.

4. Preach in large miracle crusades – seeing by the grace of God so many miracles of healing, people saved and delivered.

5. Travel the remote headwaters of the Amazon River into the deep jungle to minister to the remote Indian tribes planting churches.